Top Free Home Workout Apps 2020

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Home workout app is a great way to get your bodies in shape while staying indoors. The mobile apps store is filled with apps that would help you get fit and flexible within a few weeks. We have made things easier for you by listing down the Top Free Home Workout Apps based on user experience and ratings.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Top Free Home Workout Apps 2020
(Image source: Pear Sports)

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach lets one experience interactive coaching from world-renowned athletes and learn how to train smarter, not harder. It is packed with hundreds of unique workouts with different fitness levels and intensities that are adaptive to your performance making it at the top of our list of free home workout apps. It has a wide range of coaches and workout packages created by your favorite fitness brands including TRX, Wahoo, Ragnar, Trigger Point, 5.11, Timex, the Minnesota Wild, and more. It can pair up with your fitness trackers and devices keeping track of your performance and sharing the metrics with other fitness apps.

Download PEAR Personal Fitness Coach: Android, iOS

Workout Trainer by Skimble

Top Free Home Workout Apps 2020
(Image source: Skimble)

Workout Trainer has exercises and training routines for amateurs and professionals as well. It has a basic questionnaire that measures your physical fitness and recommends exercises and workout plans based on your personal fitness goals. It has different methods to keep you focused and inspired to make you come back for a nice workout session. It also has an option that enables the users to hire a one-on-one trainer with varying fitness specialties. Its paid subscription also gives one the ability to customize workouts and exercises, and integrate wearable fitness trackers.

Download Workout Trainer by Skimble: Android, iOS

Nike Training Club 

Top Free Home Workout Apps 2020
(Image source: Nike)

Nike Training Club offers a vast workout library with body part specific or fitness objective-based exercises. It has workout sessions ranging from a duration of 15 mins to 45 mins with different intensities. It gives personalized recommendations based on your workout choices making it one of the best home workout apps. It provides with a 185+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga—featuring our world-class Nike Master Trainers in every drill.

Download Nike Training Club: Android, iOS


(Image source: FitOn)

FitOn offers you with video exercise classes, with different training techniques and objectives. Its workout comes with full audio and video instructions, and lets you turn your device into a portable workout guide. It has workouts featuring pilates, dance, or pilates, and classes designed for different workout targets and timeframes. It also has classes facilitated by celebrity trainers like Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness and Cassey Ho of Blogilates.

Download FitOn: Android, iOS


(Image source: Jefit)

JEFIT is a very good app for those who are looking to do bodybuilding and strength training. It has a database of thousands of routines sorted by targeted body parts, detailed instructions for each, workout log and planner, progress tracker, and various other options. You have to create a JEFIT profile to which all your plans and progress are synchronized.

Download JEFIT: Android, iOS


(Image source: Freeletics)

Freeletics covers a variety of muscle groups and fitness levels with its workout routines with all designed to be friendly to those who look for equipment-less workouts. It provides step-by-step sequences for your workout with the help of audio and video. It has sessions designed to use only your body weight as equipment during exercise also making it one of the best home workout apps.

Download Freeletics: Android, iOS


(Image source: Urbanite)

8Fit is one of the best overall fitness app as it combines both workout training and meal planning that helps users to achieve their fitness goals in a much effective manner. A fitness questionnaire places you at your initial level and matches you with meal plans and workout routines customized to your goals. Thus this home workout app is apt for all your fitness needs.

Download 8Fit: Android, iOS

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We hope you find a home workout app with the help of the above list. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.