Coronavirus Self Quarantine: 10 Best Things to do

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Coronavirus Self Quarantine

It has been roughly more than ten days now that we all have abruptly diverted from our busy outdoor schedule to sitting at home the whole time. We do understand that getting bored in a situation like this is very obvious but what we believe in is looking at the glass full aspect of it. As you read through this article, we promise you that you’ll definitely have some plans ready in the back of your mind to spend the rest of the coronavirus self quarantine days in a much more self-occupied and productive manner.

Here’s a list of 10 things to do during Coronavirus Self Quarantine.

10 Things to do during Coronavirus quarantine


Have you ever had a list of movies that you decided you’ll watch in a break but you never got to finish it? Now is the right time to pull that list out again and keep your eyes on screen till you strike out the last movie or web series on that list. You can also search for the best movies of your favourite genre to make your list. Maybe get a subscription of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Click here for TV Series suggestions to binge on.



Have you also read somewhere that we all have an artist hidden in us?  Well, if we really do then why not let our art skills out to test. Look out for tutorial videos for mandala drawing, water coloring, hand lettering, fashion sketching. This list is endless. You just have to surf a bit to find what fascinates you and start with it. At least if you don’t find satisfaction creating an art piece, we’re sure you’ll find some watching those videos.

girl playing guitar


There might be some instrument that has been lying all dusty in some corner of your house. It is time to hit those tunes again. By the way, if you don’t have an instrument and you still wish to learn then nothing can stop you, not even the lockdown. You read it right, there are virtual musical instruments you can easily find over the net.

family cleaning house


You can have duties divided within your family for doing the household chores or you can play some games together and whoever loses does them. Easy peasy isn’t it? But make sure you don’t end up making your five year old brother do all the chores everyday. Working together would help you not only spend time doing something together but also give a feeling of support.

teens cooking


Have you ever dreamt of having Gordon Ramsay to taste your dish? Certainly not. But you do have your family to help you with some critiques. Get in the kitchen and start experimenting. (If it is your first time then I strongly advise to follow a proper recipe. You don’t want to toture your family). Make cookies, pizzas, spring rolls and whatever you like.



While you utilise your time in other activities, do not forget that your brain might starve if it does not get enough food. Solve puzzles, take quizzes online and play some brain games. Not just that but you can start binge-reading all those novels which you stacked up during the books by kilo (or books bargain) sale. Click here for a list of must-read self-development books.

You can also sign up for an online course on topics you would like to gain knowledge on and skills you wish to acquire. Trust me, you might not get so much time again to take up those courses.


DIYs are always fascinating and now you have all the time in this world to try them. Watching those 5 minute crafts videos is just so satisfying like the solution to every problem is right there. Why not try a hands on?  Making the best out of waste and a beautiful showpiece won’t cause any harm to you.

group video call


Life is not as tough as it seems. If you miss your friends, video call them. And not just that but you can play online multiplayer games together while being at home. The Internet has really made social distancing less difficult for us. You can also get on those social media platforms and make new friends or talk to those friends you lost contact with when you moved to high school. Face it, even they must be as bored as you are and chatting up, bringing back old sweet memories is always fun.

clean wardrobe


If you do this, your mom is really going to be very happy. Maybe you got a hint already. If you didn’t, we’re talking about cleaning up and rearranging your room. Start off with that wardrobe and clean up every single corner. Keep stuff which you have not used for the past three years and is still in a usable condition aside. If you have not used it for so long, you mostly won’t need it in future. Instead of throwing them away, keep it for donation or maybe a yard sale when the situation around us gets better.

face mask


Now this goes at the end of the list for a reason. This is the time you can pamper yourself with those aromatic oils you picked up from Forest Essentials. All the skin damage that you have carried on for years can be taken care of now. Look for some DIY remedies for the same so you won’t feel like stepping out for any professional assistance.

Along with this, make sure you eat healthy and sleep well. In a condition like this, taking care of yourself along with others is very important. You might also like to try some meditation or yoga poses to help you feel active throughout the day. 

We hope the above list helps you make the most of your time. If you try any of these, do let us know by commenting below. Also if you have any more fun ideas, share them with us.