The Deep Web and the Dark Web

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Deep Web and Dark Web

Fact: Search engines can only access 16% of the information that is available on the internet.

There’s a chance that you might have come across the term “Deep web” or “Dark web“. Ever wondered what are these? Is it someplace or some hackers zone? Let’s clear the confusion.

There’s a way how search engines work. Search engines have to index every page on the internet that they find during a process which is known as Crawling. You can search about crawling on the internet.

Deep and dark web are those parts of the internet that a search engine cannot index, which means that most of the search engines won’t return them after a search.

So, what does it mean when we say that only 16% of information that is available on the internet can be accessed through most web browsers?
Well, it means you can only access 16% of the information on the internet.
Surprising? It is indeed.

The internet is divided into 3 parts (refer to the image above):

  1. Surface Web
  2. Deep Web
  3. Dark Web

The 16% of the internet, websites that are normally accessible from search engines that we can generally access is known as Surface Web. The rest belongs to the deep and the dark web.

Difference between the Deep and the Dark Web

Sometimes there might be a bit of confusion when it comes to the Deep Web and the Dark Web. They might sound similar, but they are very different.

The Deep Web refers to the non-indexed pages by the search engines whereas the Dark Web refers to both the non-indexed pages as well as involved in illegal or unethical niches(Refer to the image attached at the beginning where the internet has been divided into three parts and explained using an iceberg).

The Deep Web can be used for both good or bad stuff. In contrast, the Dark Web wants to be hidden or unknown because it’s a hub for illegal or shady businesses.

Is it illegal?

The answer is no. Anyone can surf the Dark Web and the Deep Web, but one must consider high privacy before visiting the deep web. What is illegal is not to access these platforms, but to visit or look into illegal services sold on these networks.

Without proper cybersecurity precautions, visiting these networks can be very dangerous for a layman. It can also expose you to many dangers.

There’s a browser known as TOR Browser, an anonymous browser, which is specifically made for visiting non-indexed pages and should be used to visit the Deep and the Dark Web.

Interesting Facts about the Deep and Dark Web:

  1. The Deep Web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents.
  2. The size of the Deep Web is 500 times larger than the Surface Web.
  3. Bitcoin is the currency used on these networks.
  4. Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day on Deep Web.
  5. Credit Cards and Paypal accounts with money are also sold on these networks.
  6. The Deep Web is a great source of illegal smuggling of drugs, weapons, human trafficking, etc.
  7. Just with a click, you can now do all kinds of match-fixing and illegal betting.
  8. Even if the government wants to shut these networks down, it would be too time-consuming.

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