The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2020

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The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Are you one of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter followers? Then you might have an idea about how the tech billionaire and entrepreneur lives his life. But there are a lot of uncovered, controversial, and shocking truths about his way of living that you might never have heard.

Jack Dorsey is one of the most successful tech figures in Silicon Valley but his lifestyle is not one you might expect from a typical billionaire.

So let’s see what’s there in the insane lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Who is Jack Dorsey?

Jack is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Twitter.

He came up with the initial idea for Twitter when he was an undergraduate student at NYU (New York University) and ended up dropping out of college when he was just one semester short of graduating. He was only 29 when Twitter launched in March 2006. He is also a co-founder and current CEO of Square, which offers a device that allows for mobile debit and credit card payments.

Jack became a billionaire in 2012, and today, his net worth is over $4.7 billion according to Forbes. Jack owned 24.4% shares of Square when it went public in 2015.

With that much amount of money, you can imagine the type of life he lives. But wait, it’s probably not what you’d expect from a tech billionaire like him.

Jack’s lifestyle is truly insane, but let’s start with the basics.

Where he lives?

jack dorsey house

Jack has been living in a modest 2-bedroom San Francisco mansion since 2012 that cost him around $10 million. The view from that mansion is worth more than a million bucks! This mansion of Jack Dorsey is located on a cliffside with a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

In 2018, Jack bought another property, right next to his house, a 4-bedroom apartment for which he paid around $21.9 million, and it also has the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Since the house was left vacant for around 15 years, Jack had to spend thousands of dollars on its renovation. This house is probably the most luxurious part of his lifestyle.

But, now let’s look at one of the most controversial aspects—his diet.

His Diet

Jack is the CEO of two tech giants, Twitter and Square. So it makes sense that he needs plenty of energy to run two massively successful companies, and we all know diet plays a vital role in everybody’s life. So it might surprise you to know that Jack barely eats at all.

Jack follows an extreme diet of intermittent fasting. He skips breakfast and lunch every single day. Jack just eats one meal Monday through Thursday between 6:30 and 9:00 at night. From Friday through Sunday evening, he fasts completely and only consumes water.

The first time when he tried this routine, he mentioned that he was having hallucinations by the third day, but now he says fasting helps him focus. He also said that eating just one meal a day makes him more efficient.

Whenever he eats, his meal consists of vegetables and protein like grilled chicken. The only sugar he consumes comes from dark chocolate, mixed berries, or a glass of red wine.

Jack is known to have consistently experimented with his diet and fasting schedule to analyze what’s most effective for him. He strongly believes in intermittent fasting.

Now let’s see how he spends his day.

Morning Routine

Jack wakes up in between 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM and goes to bed by around 10 PM at night. If he doesn’t eat breakfast, then what does he do when the day starts?

He begins his day with a cold shower, followed by an hour of silent meditation. According to him, sticking to a consistent routine is very important for everybody as it makes you more efficient.

On days he has off, and in the evenings, he hops into his infrared SaunaSpace sauna and sits in temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. He’ll then go directly from the heat to a 3-minute ice bath in his tub, which is set to negative 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Isn’t it surprising and not a not-so-ordinary habit? In fact, he repeats this hot and cold process up to three times.

Before going out, he drinks about 28 ounces of water or a mixture of lemon juice, water, and Himalayan salt to keep himself fresh and energized.

Jack only goes to office thrice a week, and when he goes to the office, he walks the 5 miles to work, which takes him just about an hour and twenty minutes. Jack says that this walk from home to the office makes him feel alive.

Work Habits

Jack works from home two days a week. And on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he walks to Twitter head offices first. He works there from about 9 AM to 2 PM. And then from there, he heads across the street to the Square offices. He stays there until 6 or 7. 

Jack has a habit of working at a standing desk, and he has a near-infrared bulb shining on him, which is said to support cellular regeneration and anti-aging effects.

At the end of the day, he takes a lift home and eats his dinner. This is followed by a 7-minute workout and a visit to the sauna. After Sauna, Jack meditates for another hour and then does some reflective journaling and writes his to-do list for the upcoming day.  When he’s ready for bed, he monitors his sleep with an Oura Ring, which tracks sleep quality and recovery speed. 

With such a tight schedule, even Dorsey needs a break every now and then.

Let’s see how Dorsey likes to enjoy his vacations.

Dorsey’s Vacation

Jack, as a billionaire, can go wherever he wants. But guess what? On his 46th birthday, Jack did a 10-day silent vipassana meditation in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar. The 10-day silent meditation began on the night of his birthday, November 19th. During this period, he meditated daily from 4:30 A to 9 PM with short breaks in between.

Jack dorsey myanmar meditation

All of the gadgets were banned except for his Apple Watch, which he had put in airplane mode and used it to track his heart rate. All the participants, including Jack, were supposed to sit perfectly still and silent and just focus on their breathing.

Over the 10 days period, writing, reading, any physical contact with anyone, and any form of communication was strictly prohibited.

Fun Fact: During the camp, on one night, when Jack was meditating in a cave along with others, he was bitten by mosquitoes 117 times in the first 10 minutes. 

It’s definitely not everyone’s first choice for a vacation. But Jack highly recommends it and says that it brought him to an incredible level of clarity and focus.

So what can we all learn from Jack’s insane lifestyle?


One lesson that we can learn from Jack is that the path to success looks different for everyone. Jack’s lifestyle and his methods for achieving clarity and focus may seem too extreme to you, and that’s perfectly fine.

You have to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Like Jack, you can make a consistent schedule to follow based on your particular goals and priorities. We don’t recommend taking risks with your health just to copy what one successful person has done.

Like Jack, you can pave your own unique path with your specific needs in mind so that you can perform at your optimum level.

 And if you want to dive deeper into the story behind how Jack Dorsey and his three co-founders launched Twitter, check out the book “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.”  
The book was written by Nick Bilton, a columnist, and reporter for the New York Times. He goes into detail about all of the drama behind the scenes in the early days of Twitter. You can check it out on Audible.


Jack says, “The greatest lesson that I learned in all of this is that you have to start. Start now, start here and start small. Keep it simple.”

So many great ideas never get off the ground because those who think of them don’t know where to begin. Jack reminds us that the most important thing is just to start. You don’t have to launch a company overnight. Just keep it simple, start small, and move forward.

Did you know?

Jack was fired as CEO of Twitter in 2008, just one year after its founding.

The reason was reported that he was devoting too much time to his extracurricular activities and neglecting his primary duties. He would leave work early and show up to meetings late due to conflicts with yoga, sewing classes, drawing classes, and more. But he was later reinstated as CEO in 2015.

Now that we’ve covered Jack’s insane lifestyle, we’d like to know what you think about Jack’s lifestyle.

Let us know in the comments section below.

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