Free Online Learning opportunities amid COVID-19 Lockdown

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Most of the people are sitting at home amid the Coronavirus lockdown. During this phase, many companies are providing free online learning opportunities, courses, tools, and apps free of cost, for which, otherwise, you’d have to pay a lot of money.

Make sure you don’t enroll in a lot of courses altogether. Start with one, otherwise, you might end up doing nothing.

Let’s learn more about these companies and opportunities:

Free Online Learning opportunities

Learning How to Learn: Course by Dr. Barbara Oakley

learning how to learn

Before start learning or exploring any course, we would recommend you to first opt for this course. This course is instructed by Dr. Barbara Oakley, an engineering professor at Oakland University. She’s known for writing a lot of successful books like “A Mind For Numbers” and “Learning How to Learn”. This course is available for free on Coursera. You can even pay for a certificate. In this course, you’ll learn some proven tips and techniques to learn new stuff effectively and quickly, then be it science, mathematics, or arts. Here’s the link to the course

Digital Certification Course

The global leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions, TCS’s (Tata Consultancy Services) iON is providing the digital certification course free of cost. The course is known as Career Edge, and the length of the course is 15 days. The course comprises of a lot of videos, assessments and case studies.

Courses by LinkedIn

 The social media platform for networking and professional portfolio is proving various courses free of cost amid the lockdown. Courses ranging from technology to business with great valuable content, are being provided by the company. You can click here or visit the link for more information regarding the courses.

Photography by Nikon

nikon school online

You can learn basic photography to advanced photography skills for free from the tutorials provided by the Digital Camera specialized brand Nikon. Yes, you heard it right. All the videos and learning material has been provided free of cost by the Nikon Online School. Visit the link  for more information.

Free Audio Books


Are you fond of listening to books? is offering free audiobooks for everybody out there who wants to listen to some great books. These audiobooks are currently available in six languages. You can visit the website or download the Audible app for more information.

Courses related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are a lot of institutions that are providing AI courses free of cost during the lockdown, NASSCOM is one of them. NASSCOM is providing the AI Foundation Course along with a lot more courses without any cost till 15th May 2020. The original value of the course is around $89 or INR 6800. Here’s the link

Online Photography Workshops by FUJIFILM


 FujiFilm has announced that it is conducting free workshops amid the lockdown through social media. These workshops have three different formats and would be helpful for people willing to expand their skills in photography.

Harvard Online Courses

harvard cs50

One of the leading universities around the globe, Harvard University, is providing 178 courses free of cost, for which, otherwise, you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars. The course material is being offered online by the University, along with the projects and case studies. The subject area of these courses varies from Art & Design to technology, and the duration varies from two weeks to twelve+ weeks. Visit the link to learn more.



Coursera is yet another platform which is providing a lot of its resources free of cost for students and learners. You can register on the website to get more information about these courses.

Free Courses by Ivy League Universities

ivy league courses

The most famous group of universities, i.e., the IVY League Universities are offering more than 450 courses free of cost. The IVY league comprises of eight universities- Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and the University of Pennsylvania. These universities are offering free classes on a variety of subjects, including programming, data science, humanities, business, and arts. Students will also receive a “Verified Certificate” upon completion of the course. You can visit these websites for more information about these courses.

Courses by Google

google courses

Amid lockdown, the tech giant Google has also come forward to provide free online courses. Google is offering free classes on various subjects like technology, digital marketing, and career and development. Google will also provide a certificate if students opt for any certification course.

If you want to know more about free courses, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

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