Energy Healing and its Top 5 Techniques

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Energy Healing
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Why energy healing? Our body has a certain amount of energy, which impacts our health at all levels without us realizing its presence. Almost everyone these days is familiar with a healing therapy, acupuncture. If not, it is a complement to medical practices, which include stimulating certain points on the body, mostly with a needle or pointed equipment to alleviate pain or help with the health condition. Then there’s reflexology, which involves a massage with varying amounts if the pressure to the ears, hands, and feet. Both these healing techniques require physical touch, but there exists one which does not. Energy healing does not involve physical contact at all. 

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is concerned with balancing and unblocking energy in the patient to lift emotional obstacles caused by physical and mental stress, violence, intense sufferings within the body, or false belief systems that hinder growth and success. This technique helps you identify the emotional issues that were implanted in you and were creating barriers to reaching your full potential.

How does energy healing work?

As we said earlier, there are different energy healing techniques. Depending on the approach, energy healing focuses on our inner flowing life forces that dictate our energy, health, mood, and social behavior.  

Western science and medicine used to label these techniques as pseudoscientific until scientists and academics started understanding their underlying principles and benefits known to eastern culture for hundreds of years. The learnings in quantum physics brought to the western thoughts the pervasiveness of energy. Our body consists of and runs on energy in terms of every aspect of functionality.

Our focus is on influencing the flow of the omnipresent fields of energy, which, according to the eastern cultures, is in the entire universe, by implementing mental and physical intention to bring profound results. Methods like meditation, exercise, and physical touch can be altered to provide higher states of energy, health, and consciousness. It can help you lead to healing and sustained health’s path.

Can you benefit from energy healing?

Energy healing has a wide range of benefits, from deep relaxation to healing the body mentally, physically, and spiritually. The goal is to identify the imbalances in terms of energy that can lead to health issues. If you are not satisfied by where you are in your life and feel like you belong elsewhere for one reason or another, you can consider trying one of these techniques either on its own or in combination.

Energy must flow in our body appropriately as it can keep away ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to inflammation and back pain. Sometimes self-limiting and negative belief systems can keep us away from achieving more in our life. If you look forward to changing your life, it will be worth exploring the different forms of energy healing techniques to see which one works best for you.

Remember that there have not been many side effects of energy healing techniques, but you should always have a professional healer. Healing techniques are very much dependent on the healer’s experience and perfection. 

List of most effective healing techniques 

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, “Re”‘ and “ki”, which means “God’s wisdom” and “energy”, respectively. This therapy is a supplemental method provided with traditional medicines to cure any illness. In this, a lot of hand movements and specific symbols are used to heal the body by channelizing the energy of the universe. Reiki can help to cure ailments from flu to serious illness like heart disease. 

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing heals body energy using the body’s life force or the prana. It accelerates the body’s self-healing inborn abilities. This therapy is meant to work specifically on a person’s aura or the energy of the body. It focuses on cleaning the toxicities from the body and thus promoting the physical healing processes. 

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing stands on the explanation of Quantum Physics. It is a natural healing method that utilizes the energy that flows through your body, the same energy that sustains all living things. In this technique, breathing and visualization of energy flow help in escalating the body’s energy levels. Along with being a spiritual thing, it also has a positive impact on the immune system.


Qigong has a history of some 4000 years old and roots in Chinese medicine. It is used to regain the body’s lost balance required to stay healthy by using coordinated and repetitive movements of body along with breathing, which not just strengthens and increases fluid movement in the body but stimulates spirituality.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing, as the name itself, suggests uses crystals to promote not just physical and emotional but spiritual healing as well. It happens as crystals interact positively with your chakra or body’s energy fields. They also repel negative energy. Different crystals are used for different purposes so you can choose a crystal according to your needs.

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