Artificial Intelligence -A threat to humans?

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Artificial intelligence robots


Artificial Intelligence? Most of us have watched those sci-fi movies based on AI. It has storyline like humans create smart robots and eventually, these robots start outsmarting fellow humans leading to a big fight with loads of destruction. Such content makes us wonder that is this the true future of AI? Would a day arrive when they’ll be a threat to us or overpower us? These arguments can be answered only after we understand AI architecture and its functionality.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is meant to transfer cognitive human intelligence into machines to perform certain functions. Its basic functionality involves the requirement of a sense (or an input), learn (trained by dataset), understand or deduct and perform (output). In simple terms, AI learns by examples. It senses a change, recalls the examples it was trained with, understands it and accordingly provides with an appropriate output.

AI has already come into action in various fields like business, health and lifestyle. From simple chatbots in your smartphone to business intelligence systems, AI is covering everything in the market. It also has a great contribution in real-time production units like in the automobile industry and other kinds of manufacturing. Reason being, robots provide fast, accurate and error-free execution of build commands which has an upper hand when compared with the human workforce.

AI has astonished the researchers and doctors with its power to classify, diagnose and prescribe the disease based in the dataset provided using Artificial Neural Networks. It will not be a surprise if tomorrow AI replaces doctors and paramedical staff. The reason remains somewhat similar here as well -robots have no human errors and a stress-free response.

Is AI a curse?

Written above are all the bright things about AI, but what we are looking for is what if AI machines go rogue and instead of solving our problems, they become killer machines? In August 2017, Japan, there was a rumour about 4 robots killing 29 scientists. Scary much? Don’t worry, this rumour has been proven falsified due to lack of evidence to ensure its occurrence. Nonetheless, this incident brought in a question -is AI a curse? The answer is no, AI is not a curse.

AI is all about achieving the goal. For example, if you have an auto driven car and you set the goal as reaching the airport as soon as possible, you would but you might get a bad nausea and a few bumps on your head in the process. The problem arises when the method of coming up with the desired outcome does not match with the human prefered method.

Final words

Thus AI depends on what is fed into the system. While compiling the code, researchers make sure to put stop codes to avoid certain potential outcomes. This helps situations like above from arising.

So to conclude with, the benefits of AI clearly outnumbers its harms. It is harmful only in the wrong hands. Moreover, any potential can be neutralised with control structures and strict policies.

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