8 Luxury Brands You Only Know If You Are Rich

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Gucci Chenille and even Bottega Veneta are just a few brands that the “rich” people prefer. When they want to splash their money around, they definitely don’t go for brands that you might find on the high street or in a mall.

The Mega Wealthy prefer to sink their box into brands that are far more illustrious and elite. Brands that are hard to come by, offer unique craftsmanship and unrivaled quality.

So let’s take a look at the 8 of these luxury brands that only the rich will recognize.

1. Jada Dubai 

Luxury Brands-jada dubai

Jada Dubai boasts creating extraordinary shoes for extraordinary and wealthy women. A single craftsman handcrafts each pair of these shoes from start to finish. They are lovingly made in the true style of Italian shoemaking heritage while reinterpreting its style for a new generation. Only the most durable and rarest leather is used, carefully selected for its softness and luxury, and then once the most perfectly hand stoned shoe is created, it’s frosted with the finest stones and metals from platinum to diamond. 

Fans of Jada Dubai love their royal dream collection comprising of 4 designs from ruby red to gold. They describe the range saying,

“The Royal spirit is reflected harmoniously in a unique piece of art adorned with gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones… Elegance, refinement, and grace blend into an innovative design of an unparalleled aesthetic.”

Jada Dubai collaborated with the Passion Jewellers to create the world’s most expensive shoe. The shoe is called “The Passion Diamond Shoe” and retails for $23 million. The shoe has a 15-carat D-flawless diamond at the toe along with 36 other diamonds crusted on the slipper. The base of the shoe is a combination of gold, leather, and silk. So certainly not a shoe they carry at the local mall.

2. F.P. Journe

fp journe

Forget Rolex and Tag Heuer, these mainstream luxury brands won’t cut it for the super-wealthy. They prefer handcrafted individual timepieces steeped in history. Rolex makes 2000 watches a day, whereas F.P Journe makes less than 900 a year.

François-Paul Journe founded F.P Journe in 1999, making it one of the younger watch brands, but his methodology is steeped in 18th-century watchmaking traditions. F.P Journe watches are made to last for centuries; he believes in the fundamental values and has the utmost respect for high horology (watchmaking technique), so each watch will retain its reliable performance. 

 In 2017, he produced a one-off watch specifically for a charity auction. The timepiece was called “The Journe Monopusher Split-Second Chronograph,” and to date, its the brand’s most expensive watch. It featured intricate mechanical complications set in Rose Gold and Steal. The watch raised $1,167,000 for charity.

3. Le Monde Sur Mesure By Perfumery Morreale Paris


If you recently dropped $200 on a bottle of upmarket fragrance, you might feel like a rockstar. But that price doesn’t cut it for the mega-rich.

The master perfumer JP Morreale and his team set their senses to create a landscape of fragrances that resonated with their audience. The fragrance is said to be created uniquely for each client, to honor both the dreams you’ve not yet fulfilled and those you’ve already realized, blending the rarest ingredients and the most glamorous bottle imaginable to create your personalized Le Monde Sur Mesure. 

Bespoke perfume is the most exclusive line of perfume in the world. It retails for $1.5 million a bottle. The bottle that contains this precious fragrance is engraved with a serial number wrapped in gold armor and inlaid with precious stones that best match the fragrance and your personal fragrances. 

And if you think this perfume is expensive, stick around till the end for a bonus.

4. Graff 


Sure, Harry Winston and Cartier Tiffany are nice to have, but the real gems can be found at Graff. These highly exclusive jewelers source and process their own diamonds and turn them into their unique creations. Despite their giant workshop network, they only create about 350 jewels per month, so there’s quite a waiting list. They pride themselves in working with the world’s most sought-after diamonds, even making the bold decision to cut the diamonds themselves.

The name behind the sparkle is Lawerence Kraff. One of the most legendary Jewell makers with an eye for diamonds. One of his most daring diamonds cut of late is called the graff venus. The stone is a 118.78-carat de-color flawless diamond, which he boldly cut in heart shape. Most jewelers wouldn’t dream of attempting such a challenge on such a rare diamond, but Graff did it.

5. Russo-Baltique Voldka

russo baltique

Unless you’re a Russian billionaire, you won’t have heard of Russo-Baltique Vodka. You wouldn’t have heard of them because they don’t exactly advertise on Facebook. Unless a vodka is your absolute passion, you probably wouldn’t be willing to put down the $1.35 million needed to secure a bottle.

Russo-Baltique is an extremely exclusive, small-batch produced vodka, presented in a bottle resembling a vintage car. The bottle’s top is pure gold with a diamond-encrusted replica of the Russian Imperial Eagle. The bottle is 30 cms thick and is made of bulletproof glass so that not even a single drop escapes from the bottle.

Russo-Baltique was created by the Russian car maker Russo-Baltique.

6. Azzedine Alaia

azzedine alaia 2

If you don’t need to look at the price tag when you’re shopping designer wear, then Azzedine Alaia is the designer that you should know. He’s the designer responsible for the bandage dress, the dress that reimagines the experience of rocking a curve fitting frock. His masterfully designed material has the same qualities as a medical bandage but with a ton more glam. The materials design sculpts to the body and offers the utmost comfort, unlike previous form-hugging fabrics.

Azzedine Alaia was born in Algeria and was loved by supermodels like Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista.

Unfortunately, he has since passed away, but his famous brand lives on and is an A-lister everywhere.

7. Cle De Peau Beaute By Shiseido

la creme

Your Mumma might swear by investing in some store about a luxury brand, but it won’t rival the price tag of this secret of the mega-rich.

Known as “Cle De Peay Beaute ‘La Creme’,” this revolutionary Japanese face cream is meant to be the key to eternal youth. It claims to target environmental damage and hormonal changes with its unique set of ingredients. Apart from the contents, the presentation is a thing of beauty. Its jar is made up of 30 layers of crystal, and three platinum rings on the top.

And the price tag for flawless radiance, well Cle De Peau, costs $13,213 a jar.

8. La Perla

Credits: Laperla.com

Italian owned La Perla, which serves the undergarment needs of the mega-rich and famous. Sure, they have a regular website where you can still buy incredibly beautiful underwear, but it’s not going to be a second skin to your body like the range you could order directly from them. Each item is exceptional, a perfect fit produced with only the best fabric they can find, and these exclusive items are all upwards of $1000 and will make you feel like a million bucks. La Perla was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna and was always beautifully presented to its buyers in a Velvet Box like you’d get from buying jewelry.


As we mentioned, we have a bonus for you all about the most expensive bottle of perfume. When you’re next in Dubai, head to the Dubai Mall to witness the most expensive bottle of perfume in the world.


Shumukh is the final product after 3 years of research and 494 perfume trial by the perfumery brand Nabeel. The name Shumukh is the Arabic word meaning “Deserving the highest,” and the Emarati perfume certainly didn’t hold back on the best when it came to producing it. The bottle is Italian Murano Crystal with gold motifs of Arabian horses, falcons, roses, and glow. 

2.5 kilograms of 18-carat gold was used in the motifs. 3,571 diamonds totaling 38-carats are inside in the design. They finished it off with 5.9 kilograms of pure silver, giant pearls, and a handcrafted cushion leather case. 

The bottle holds 2 Guinness World Records titles, one being the bottle is remote control operated, and second, the most number of diamonds on a fragrance bottle. The bottle can hold around 3 liters of perfume.

The cost of this bottle is $1.3 million (around 10 crores).

Let us know what you liked the most among all of them and tell us what you feel about these brands.

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