5 Proven Ways to Boost Creativity

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5 Proven Ways to Boost Creativity
5 Proven Ways to Boost Creativity

Why do we need to boost our creativity? Ever thought of writing a book or Why do we need to boost our creativity? Ever thought of writing a book or making a masterpiece, but the feeling that you lack creativity pulled you back? This is just one example. Creativity is not limited to writing and drawing, it is an area of inventiveness; using imagination or ideas to create something.

Understanding the Creative Process

The creative process is basically making new connections between old ideas. It is the task of recognizing relationships between concepts. It is mainly about connecting the ideas. In simple terms, the creative process is making a masterpiece of your own, putting together your knowledge and understanding. We all have knowledge of something or the other, and we also have an understanding of it, so can we be creative? Yes, of course. Remember, creativity is more of an ability than a skill. An ability to see beyond ordinary, it is to use the mind and the imagination to create alternatives, possibilities, new and original ideas.

Steps to Boost Creativity

1. Trial and Error

In any creative endeavor, you have to permit yourself to try. You should not be afraid of creating junk. Sometimes you have to let errors come in your way to find a way out of them. There are evidences of famous musicians who end up creating a hit tune just out of bits and pieces put together from what they would have called errors or junk otherwise.

Just like a gold miner, you will have to sift through dirt and dirt only to find a speck of gold in the middle of it.

2. Have a schedule

Practice makes one perfect. Practicing your craft repeatedly would make you decent at it. You might read a thousand books on how to be a good writer, but books won’t write themselves until you get up and grab a pen or start drafting. You need to show up and get yourself sitting on a chair to begin working.

If you really want to do your best creative work, you should NEVER leave it up to choice or mood or whatsoever. Be firm. Instead of waking up in the morning and thinking that you feel inspired enough to create something, make a firm decision that you will do it today. Have a proper schedule for work. “Genius arrives when you show up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way.”

You might also consider some schedule making apps to help you with this.

3. Finish the work

Stop sitting back researching or planning and preparing. You might end up wasting all your energy in these instead of concentrating it on the real work. Finish the work. Don’t think if it would be great or not, or if people would appreciate it. Every professional starts as an amateur. Remember to put your maximum efforts in finishing the task rather than in inessential activities.

4. Don’t be your own judge

Everyone, even great artists, struggles to create great art. Anyone who is creating something consistently will judge their own work. In fact, it is natural to judge your work. It is natural to feel disappointed because your work didn’t turn out to match up with your expectations. But what you must learn is not to let any discontent prevent you from continuing to do the work. Do not let your self-judgment take over on your self-compassion. To get creative, you must learn to laugh off your mistakes and continue to produce your piece of creativity. Let nothing affect your delivery.

5. Be accountable for your work

Don’t be afraid of sharing your work publicly. It will hold you accountable for your work. It will also provide you with feedback that you must use productively to improve your work than letting the critics affect you personally. As you share your work, you will see others connect with your creativity, which will inspire you to create more.

What you might see as a simple piece of work might be brilliant for someone else. Nothing would help you more than the critics if used for self-improvement when you wish to boost creativity. Don’t be afraid of putting your work out, and when in doubt, remember, the world would never be able to appreciate you without looking at your work.

To summarise, it is easy to boost creativity: just do the work, finish it, get feedback, find out ways in which you can improve, and show up again tomorrow.

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